Pentawards 2022 Gold Award
獲 Pentawards 包裝設計大獎「 金獎 」

Pentawards 2022 Gold Award

Since 2007, Pentawards has been recognising global excellence in packaging design through its annual competition. In just 16 years the competition has received in excess of 30,000 entries from over 95 countries, with winners making their mark on the global packaging stage. 

The Gala Ceremony is held in a different location each year, with various brands, design agencies, students and packaging experts from across the world coming together to celebrate the winning works. 


Pentawards 被認為是全球範圍內各包裝設計領域最具聲望的專屬競賽。該自2007年創辦起,致力於提高包裝設計質量與創作人員的專業水準,比賽吸引了來自世界各地的包裝創意設計以及營銷的相關人士。被譽為產品包裝設計界“奧斯卡大獎”。