D&AD Awards 2023
英國 D&AD Awards 2023

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我們很榮幸在英國D&AD Awards 2023中獲得木鉛筆獎!能夠連續三年獲得鉛筆實在是出乎意料,但同時也讓我們對一直堅持追求的信念更加堅定!

每次能夠用”澳門設計”站在世界最頂尖的舞台上都讓我們感到極大的鼓舞和激勵。最後要再次感謝 @jinlio_org@macaoillustratorsassociation 的信任和團隊的努力付出。 

Last night, the winners of this year's @d_and_ad were announced! We are thrilled to announce that the "EVERYONE IS RPG" Illustration Exhibition has been awarded the WOOD Pencil in the Graphic Design category at the D&AD Awards 2023! 

Winning the Pencil award for three consecutive years is truly unexpected, but it also reinforces our unwavering belief in pursuing excellence! It is our pleasure to open the world's eyes to this small region, Macau. Lastly, we would like to give a huge round of applause to our team for their hard work and contributions.