Our project " DINO ART TOY BOOM " was published in the book.


Whether it is for branding, editorial work, or simply just a passion project, a well-chosen effect can completely elevate a print job of any kind! Despite how the digital revolution is slowly pushing printed matter into the obsolete, it is still impossible to replicate the same tactile experience and handcrafted detail present in physical print. Needless to say, print is still as alive as ever thanks to the hardworking and talented creatives behind the craft! 

PRINTABLE collates a curated collection of creative print projects spanning seven categories, namely traditional techniques such as embossing/debossing, cutting, foiling, screen printing, and varnishes to more novel effects that use special inks and handmade finishings. Besides the rich showcase, get inspired by the top experts in the print industry with their takes on their respective printing specialty.

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