GDC Awards 2023
GDC 設計獎2023

Indego Design非常榮幸在GDC設計獎中獲得肯定。我們榮獲一項銀獎、一項評審獎、兩項銅獎和二項優異獎,共計六個獎項!這份榮譽來之不易,我們在未來將持續努力!

GDC設計獎(GDC Award)由中國深圳市平面設計協會(SGDA)於1992年創立,每兩年舉辦一次。該獎項被譽為中國最具設計影響力和專業榮耀的設計大獎。在2023年的GDC設計獎中,評審團由17位在國際專業領域具有影響力的專家組成。整個徵集作品的過程長達半年,組委會共收到來自全球的參賽作品數量達到9885件,再次創下歷史收件紀錄的新高。


Indego Design is honored to receive recognition at the GDC Design Awards @gdcaward. We have been awarded one Silver Award, one Jury Award, two Bronze Awards, and one Honorable Mention, totaling five awards! This achievement has been hard-earned, and we will continue to strive for excellence in the future.


The GDC Design Awards (GDC Award) was established by the Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA) in China in 1992 and is held every two years. The award is renowned as the most influential and prestigious design award in China. For the 2023 GDC Design Awards, the jury consisted of 17 influential experts in the international design field. The entire submission process lasted for six months, and the organizing committee received a record-breaking 9,885 entries from around the world, marking a new high in submission history.