VAHTHAI Restaurant was founded in 1988 and has grown up with generations of Macau people since then. As the first restaurant in Macau to introduce the classic Thai snack boat noodles, the owner has developed his own unique boat noodle recipe and secret seasoning in response to the food culture of the Macau people. In this design project, we wanted to emphasize the fusion of Chinese and Thai cultures and the story of the restaurant's 30 years of history, incorporating the strong human and neighborhood ties of Macau.


The illustrations were created around the classic fresh ingredients and signature boat noodles of the restaurant, together with a typography that documented some of the stories of the founder of the restaurant. In terms of font, the brand font design especially combines the characteristics of Chinese and Thai cultural fusion. In addition, we did a lot of research on the fonts commonly used in Macau and Thai restaurants in the 80s, and selected similar fonts. 


Finally, we chose Risograph printing, which was popular in the 80s, to print the brand posters, showing the history and culture of the restaurant while presenting a new continuation of the tradition.

Year 2021
Scope Packaging design, Visual Identity