Sito Nata is a well-known bakery in Macau, located in a tourist spot of St. Pauls. It mainly sells Portuguese tarts. The wall of the bakery is filled with doodles, drawn by tourists from different parts of the world who love the food of Sito Nata. The logo comprises a Portuguese tart and a headcloth. We use Portuguese tart as the shape of the logo and included the most distinctive characteristic of the shop owner Sito – headcloth, so that people can associate the brand with Sito immediately. The inspiration of the packaging originates from the dark spots of the Portuguese tart and the doodles on the wall of the bakery. We pick yellow and blue, the colour of Portuguese tart and a colour with Portuguese style respectively, as the colour element. These make the entire design more prominent, distinctive and full of vitality. 

Year 2021
Photographer Zero Young
Scope Packaging design, Visual Identity