“FOREST BATH” Dino Arts and Toys Exhibition

The works of contemporary Macao artist Siomeng Chan have always been famous for exploring the relationship between human and nature. The design team was commissioned to carry out the main visual image design and dynamic promotion for his personal exhibition "Forest Bath". In particular, the team went to carry out relevant investigations and data collection, observed and extracted various characteristics of the ecological environment changes from morning to dawn, and after sunrise, and integrated with the role of Dino created by Siomeng to create a new Dino exclusive ecosystem. The designer used various vibrant colors in the morning, dawn and sunrise to design a series of colorful and fantasy main vision; At the same time, by observing the growth and changes of plant cells, the team selected the most appropriate font, and designed and applied it. Through the alternation of natural environment color, the font full of fluidity and organic characteristics, and the reconstruction and integration of ecosystem, this fully shows the abundant vitality and tension between human and nature.

Client 50% TOY
Year 2022
ART DIRECTOR Kun Lam / Dan Ferreira
DESIGNER Kun Lam / Dan Ferreira
ANIMATED Mirage Visuals
3D ANIMATED Ixonorax
Scope Print, Visual Identity, Art & Culture, Digital