50% TOY



50% Toy, founded by the Macao toy art team in 2020, is the first toy creation organization in Macao that combines toys, art and creativity. The team applies the combination of art, illustration, design and other elements to toys, and constantly explores various possibilities in this field. The difference from other similar brands is that they pay more attention to the originality of products. 50% Toy believes that "even a small part in a toy is treated meticulously", and the love God who pays attention to details is the core of the brand. Therefore, in terms of brand design, we refer to the forms of different toy parts, and inject these unique elements into Chinese and English font design, so as to build a visual feature and brand system belonging to 50% Toy. We hope to help the brand build a direct and common communication bridge with consumers.

Client 50% TOY
Year 2022
ART DIRECTOR Kun Lam / Dan Ferreira
DESIGNER Kun Lam / Dan Ferreira
Scope Visual Identity