新冠疫情爆發初期,大家可能都認為這是荒謬的事,隨著疫情的蔓延和政府的科普漸漸改變了對其的認知,接受這個病毒的存在以及適應著情況生存著。 「Imbalance」設計師創作了一個荒誕的世界中發生著種種荒謬的事,思考著城市、社會變化對我們的影響,希望表達無論逆境順境都要保留快樂的心。




In fact, at the beginning of the outbreak, everyone probably thought that the pandemic was ridiculous. As the pandemic spread and the government's science gradually changed its perception and accepted the existence of the virus and adapted to the situation to survive. The designer of "Imbalance" has created a dystopian world where all kinds of absurd things are happening. People contemplate the impact of urban and social changes, and hope to express the need to retain a happy heart no matter the adversity or the good times.


In addition to expressing the thoughts of the epidemic, the artwork also hopes to express the small city of Macau, China, which is full of historical and cultural buildings and the gambling industry, but also has a group of young people who are constantly creating and exploring more possibilities of illustration design.

Year 2020
Photographer Zero Young
Scope Print, Art & Culture, Digital