RE:RISO Naughty Roll Featured Works Exhibition
RE:RISO Naughty Roll Featured Works Exhibition

再:孔版 沙沙滾專題作品展
RE:RISO Naughty Roll Featured Works Exhibition


  • 「Naughty Roll 沙沙滾」 於2018年成立,本次作品展除了作為成軍三週年的一個小總結外,更是希望作為澳門首間Risograph工作室,能夠與大眾分享更多Risograph孔版印刷的應用,把這一種「文藝復興」的印刷方式推廣比更多人認識,與此同時更希望能激發大眾對當代澳門平面設計、插畫設計、印刷技術的發展與未來有更多的想像空間。
  • 為展現出Risograph孔版印刷的多元化及可能性,是次展覽從藝術、商業、教育三大層面作切入。教育區從Risograph印刷機,到Risograph的工作原理,以及不同的印刷效果,讓大眾理解Risograph孔版印刷的基本知識;分享Risograph其獨特性和前瞻性,讓大眾思考Risograph孔版印刷之於社會文化更多的可能性。

  • "Naughty Roll" was established in 2018. In addition to serving as a summary of the third anniversary of the establishment, this exhibition also hopes that as the first Risograph studio in Macau, it can share more applications of Risograph stencil printing with the public and promote this "Renaissance" printing method to more people. At the same time, we hope to inspire the public to have more imagination about the development and the future of contemporary Macau's graphic design, illustration design, and printing technology.

  • They will share with us the uniqueness and forward-looking nature of Risograph, and let the public think about more possibilities of Risograph stencil printing for social culture. In order to show the diversification and possibilities of Risograph stencil printing, this exhibition goes to the core from three levels of art, business, and education. In the education section, we want the public to understand the basic knowledge of Risograph stencil printing through Risograph printing machine, the working principle of Risograph, and different printing effects; As an important part of modern design, illustration uses rich storytelling and atmospheric expression to make people moved.
Year 2021
ART DIRECTOR Kun Lam / Ferreira Dan
DESIGNER Kun Lam / Ferreira Dan
Scope Print, Art & Culture