因應展覽主題 POP & ART,我們特別為這次展覽設計了這6個現代風格的英文字母,邀請展覽藝術家在字母預留的空間手寫西洋書法字體。視像中,字體從神祕、典雅的水晶質感逐步演變成強烈視覺碰撞、充滿幻變色彩的金屬質感,正如同西洋書法從傳統藝術出發,在新世代中依然可以迸發不一樣的魅力。


展覽邀請了17位中國及國外的西洋書法家共展出了超50幅圍繞「POP&ART」主題創作的西洋書法作品。在展覽主視覺字體設計部份,我們創作了現代風格的字體並大膽的預留空間邀請the president of LAAOM手寫西洋書法,一併發掘了西洋書法字體不一樣的呈現方式,,共同探討字體設計新的可能性。流行與藝術的碰撞是一場有趣的實驗,古典優雅的西洋書法,在流行文化的影響下亦在蛻變幻它無盡的潛力。


In response to the exhibition theme POP & ART, we designed these six modern English letters for the exhibition specially, and invited the artists of the exhibition to write in Western calligraphy in the space reserved for the letters. In the video, the font has gradually evolved from mysterious and elegant crystal texture to metal texture with strong visual collision and full of illusory change in color, as the Western calligraphy, starting from traditional art, still bursts out different charm in the new generation.


The exhibition invited 17 Chinese and foreign Western calligraphers and exhibited more than 50 Western calligraphy works created on the theme of "POP & ART". In the main part of visual font design of the exhibition, we created modern style of font and reserved space boldly to invite the president of LAAOM to write in Western calligraphy, explored different presentation methods of Western calligraphy, and jointly discussed new possibilities of font design. The collision between pop and art is an interesting experiment. Classical and elegant western calligraphy is also changing with its endless potential under the influence of pop culture.

Client The Lettering Artists Association of Macau
Year 2021
Animator Koroh Lok
Western Calligraphy Oliver Lao
Scope Print, Visual Identity, Art & Culture, Digital