Lavish Pizza 峰盛比薩是澳門知名連鎖薄餅餐廳,不斷推出創新口味,並以自家研發的「紅麥餅底」薄餅聞名。峰盛曾以紅麥比薩代表澳門參加國際大賽。部份高級食材由意大利進口。





Lavish Pizza is a well-known chain pizza restaurant in Macau. It has been introducing new flavours, and is famous for its original “Red Dough Pizza”. Lavish Pizza has even participated in international competition with its “Red Dough Pizza”. Its high-end ingredients are imported from Italy.


When doing the rebranding for Lavish Pizza, we use characters as the core visual of the brand. With the chef of Lavish Pizza as the main character Lavish, who is a chef who is obsessed with developing new pizzas. There is also a group of Lavish pizza lovers: a gluttonous dog that follows Lavish all the time, an office lady who loves discounts, and an alien KOL who always shares delicious food with his fans. The story of the brand occurs around these four main characters. In addition to upgrading the overall image, it also allows customers to have a stronger connection with the brand. The new visual image includes logos, fonts, colours and characters, etc., inheriting the innovative spirit of Lavish's continuous research and development, and bringing vitality into the design. This not only makes the visual refreshing but also makes the brand more contagious.

Year 2022
Scope Packaging design, Visual Identity